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Thousands of postage stamps for collectors are for sale here. Images are provided for all stamps. Sold item are removed from the image inventory when purchased. If an item is not available, an immediate refund is made. Most stamps are less than $5 each. If an item is sold, there will be a small box with a red x inside like this .

PayPal is the best payment method to insure prompt delivery and prompt refund if necessary.

Order handling and postage is $1 to any address worldwide for 1 or more items. How's that for a change. No rip offs on shipping here.

You may browse the items for sale by going to each stock book of listings. You will find an image, title, and price for each stamp.

This website is set up like stock books. Just kick back and look over what you find in each group of 100. Keep notes of the one you like. Consider adding a bookmark to your desktop so you can visit these pages from time to time. Having these stamps to look at is kind of like going to a stamp show when ever you want to go.

Or you can search for the topics which interest you. When you get the results, record the s number. Then scroll down until you find what you want. You can also search by Scott Number if you know it. Not all items have catalogue numbers included.

Here is a Google search box to use to locate items on this website.   

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s503 Stamp Belgium Newspaper P17-P19 UVF $3.00 

s504 Stamp Berlin Germany 9N107 UVF $3.00 

s505 Stamp Berlin Germany 9N223-9N234 MNH VF $3.00 


s507 Stamp Canada precancel 179 $3.00 

s508 Stamp Canada 223 MH VF $3.00 

s509 Stamp Canada 245 UF $3.00 

s510 Stamp Cuba 263 UF $3.00 


s512 Stamp Finland B120-B122 MNH F $3.00 

s513 Stamp Germany 62-63-64 UVF $9.99 

s514 Stamp Germany 337-339 UVF $3.00 


s516 Stamp Germany 436-441 UF $3.00 



s519 Stamp Germany B312 UVF $3.00 

s520 Stamp Germany B341 UVF $9.99 

s521 Stamp Germany B342-B343 UVF $9.99 

s522 Stamp Germany B347 UVF $9.99 

s523 Stamp Great Britain 43 plate 11 UF $9.99 

s524 Stamp Great Britain 43 plate 12 UF $9.99 

s525 Stamp Great Britain 43 plate 12 UF wing $9.99 

s526 Stamp Great Britain 48 UF $24.99 

s527 Stamp Great Britain 164 UVF $0.99 

s528 Stamp Great Britain 205 UVF $0.99 

s529 Stamp Great Britain 251 UVF $9.99 

s530 Stamp Greenland 7 MH VF $3.00 

s531 Stamp Greenland 9 MH VF $3.00 

s532 Stamp Hungary C71-C74 UVF $3.00 

s533 Stamp Ireland 47 UVF $3.00 



s536 Stamp Italy 596 UVF $3.00 

s537 Stamp Japan Express Co. 1889 Stamps $3.00 

s538 Stamp Lichtenstein O47-O58 MNH VF $3.00 

s539 Stamp Malaya 80-83 MNH VF $3.00 

s540 Stamp Monaco 221 UVF $3.00 


s542 Stamp Netherlands B290 MNH VF $3.00 

s543 Stamp Newfoundland 40 UVF $9.99 

s544 Stamp Newfoundland 42 UF $3.00 

s545 Stamp Newfoundland 45 MH VF $6.00 

s546 Stamp Newfoundland 81 MH $3.00 








s554 Stamp Saar Sarre 183 UVF $6.00 

s555 Stamp Saar Sarre 184 UVF $6.00 

s556 Stamp Saar Sarre 225 UVF $3.00 


s558 Stamp Saar Sarre B3 UF $3.00 

s559 Stamp Saar Sarre B47 UVF $6.00 

s560 Stamp Saar Sarre B48 UVF $6.00 

s561 Stamp Saxony Germany 8 UF $3.00 

s562 Stamp Schleswig Holstein Germany 4 UF $3.00 

s563 Stamp Schleswig Holstein Germany 8 UF $3.00 


s565 Stamp Sweden 239-247 UVF $6.00 

s566 Stamp Sweden 453-454 MNH VF $3.00 

s567 Stamp Sweden 782-786 MNH VF $3.00 

s568 Stamp Switzerland 210-214 UVF $6.00 


s570 Stamp Switzerland B53-B56 MHVF $3.00 

s571 Stamp Switzerland B550-B553 MNH VF $3.00 

s572 Stamp Thurin + Taxis Northern District 12 UF $9.99 

s573 Stamp Thurn + Taxis Southern District 55 UF $9.99 

s574 Stamp USA 114 UF $6.00 



s577 Stamp USA 721 MNH $3.00 



s580 Stamp USA C31 MNG $3.00 


s582 Stamp USA E2 UF $9.99 

s583 Stamp USA F1 UF $3.00 



s586 Stamp USA Q9 UF-VF $3.00 

s587 Stamp USA R104 $0.99 


s589 Stamp USA R124 $9.99 

s590 Stamp USA R135 Block $3.00 

s591 Stamp USA R144 UF $2.00 

s592 Stamp USA R146 UF $9.99 

s593 Stamp  Upper Volta 43-48 MH $3.00 


s595 Stamp Saar Sarre C9 UVF $3.00 


s597 Stamp USA 646 M Disturbed Gum $3.00 

s598 Stamp Monaco Wedding Issue MNH $3.00 


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