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Individual Stamps and Sets For Sale - s200-s299

Thousands of postage stamps for collectors are for sale here. Images are provided for all stamps. Sold item are removed from the image inventory when purchased. If an item is not available, an immediate refund is made. Most stamps are less than $5 each. If an item is sold, there will be a small box with a red x inside like this .

PayPal is the best payment method to insure prompt delivery and prompt refund if necessary.

Order handling and postage is $1 to any address worldwide for 1 or more items. How's that for a change. No rip offs on shipping here.

You may browse the items for sale by going to each stock book of listings. You will find an image, title, and price for each stamp.

This website is set up like stock books. Just kick back and look over what you find in each group of 100. Keep notes of the one you like. Consider adding a bookmark to your desktop so you can visit these pages from time to time. Having these stamps to look at is kind of like going to a stamp show when ever you want to go.

Or you can search for the topics which interest you. When you get the results, record the s number. Then scroll down until you find what you want. You can also search by Scott Number if you know it. Not all items have catalogue numbers included.

Here is a Google search box to use to locate items on this website.   

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All items subject to previous sale.


s200 Stamp Belgium 6 U $4.00 

s201 Stamp Belgium 7 U $4.00 

s202 Stamp Belgium 7 U $4.00 

s203 Stamp Belgium 10 U $4.00 

s204 Stamp Belgium 38 U $4.00 

s205 Stamp Belgium 20 U $4.00 

s206 Stamp Belgium 29 MH $4.00 

s207 Stamp Belgium 59 U $4.00 

s208 Stamp Belgium 54 U $4.00 

s209 Stamp Belgium 72 U $4.00 



s212 Stamp Belgium B354-9 MH $4.00 

s213 Stamp Belgium B417-422 MH $4.00 

s214 Stamp Belgium B699-704 MH $4.00 

s215 Stamp Belgium Q8 U $4.00 

s216 Stamp Germany Berlin 9N13 U $4.00 

s217 Stamp Germany Berlin 9N13 U $4.00 



s220 Stamp Germany Berlin 9N107 U $4.00 



s223 Stamp Germany Berlin 9N196-207 MNH $4.00 

s224 Stamp Germany Berlin 9NB21-24 U $4.00 

s225 Stamp Canada 34 U $4.00 

s226 Stamp Canada 331-3 MH $4.00 

s227 Stamp Canada 143 MH $4.00 

s228 Stamp Canada 245 U $4.00 

s229 Stamp Canada 39 U $4.00 

s230 Stamp Canada 51 U $4.00 

s231 Stamp Canada 148 U $4.00 

s232 Stamp Chad C84 MNH Imperf $4.00 

s233 Stamp Congo U $4.00 

s234 Stamp Czechoslovakia 79 MH $4.00 

s235 Stamp Danish West Indies 5 U $4.00 

s236 Stamp Danish West Indies 8 U Filler $2.00 

s237 Stamp Danish West Indies 10 U $4.00 

s238 Stamp Denmark 33 U $4.00 




s242 Stamp France 220-225 U $4.00 


s244 Stamp France C25 U On Paper $4.00 

s245 Stamp France 60 U $4.00 

s246 Stamp France 51 U $4.00 

s247 Stamp France 36 U $4.00 

s248 Stamp France 18 U $4.00 

s249 Stamp France 18 U $4.00 

s250 Stamp United Kingdom U $4.00

s251 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom O73 U $4.00 


s253 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom 322 MH $4.00 



s256 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom 113 U $4.00 

s257 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom 183 U $4.00 

s258 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom 133 U $4.00 

s259 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom 134 U $4.00 

s260 Stamp Great Britain United Kingdom 137 U $4.00 

s261 Stamp Greece C73 U $2.00 

s262 Stamp Greenland U $4.00 


s264 Stamp Monaco 122 U $4.00 

s265 Stamp Monaco 87-88 U $4.00 

s266 Stamp Netherlands 31 U $4.00 

s267 Stamp Newfoundland J2a M $4.00 

s268 Stamp Newfoundland 41 U $4.00 

s269 Stamp Norfolk Island MNH $4.00 


s271 Stamp Portugal  43 U $4.00 

s272 Stamp Portugal 40 U $4.00 

s273 Stamp South Africa U Pair $4.00 

s274 Stamp South Africa U Pair $4.00 

s275 stamp Switzerland 21 U $9.99 

s276 Stamp Switzerland 20 U $4.00 

s277 Stamp Switzerland 167a U $9.99 

s278 Stamp Switzerland MNH Offices  6 values $4.00 

s279 Stamp Switzerland MNH Telecom 6 values $4.00 

s280 Stamp Switzerland MNH Education 6 values $4.00 


s282 Stamp Switzerland B287-291 MNH $4.00 

s283 Stamp Switzerland 216-218 MNH $4.00 

s284 Stamp Switzerland 200-203 U $4.00 

s285 Stamp Switzerland B146-149 MH $4.00 

s286 Stamp Switzerland B90 MH $4.00 

s287 Stamp Switzerland B77 U $4.00 

s288 Stamp Unknown Asia Somewhere $4.00 

s289 Stamp USA US  234 Used Filler $2.00 

s290 Stamp USA US  573 Perfin Used $4.00 

s291 Stamp USA US  1909a Used $4.00 

s292 Stamp USA US  2541 Used $4.00 

s293 Stamp Zeppelin Used Malagasy $4.00 

s294 Stamp Zeppelin Tchad Chad $4.00 

s295 Stamp Zeppelin Central Africa $4.00 

s296 Stamp Zeppelin Central Africa $4.00 

s297 Stamp Zeppelin Central Africa $4.00 

s298 Stamp Zeppelin Central Africa $4.00 

s299 Stamp Zeppelin Central Africa $4.00 

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