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Hundreds  of philatelic covers for collectors are for sale here. Images are provided for all covers. Sold item are removed from the image inventory when purchased. If an item is not available, an immediate refund is made. Most stamp cover lots are less than $10 each. 

PayPal is the best payment method to insure prompt delivery and prompt refund if necessary.

Shipping is $2 for each item to any address worldwide. How's that for a change. No rip offs on shipping here.

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c601 Cover Art Craft FDC 20 Different $9.99 

c602 Cover ArtCraft FDC 20 Different $9.99 

c603 Cover Art Craft First Day Covers 20 Different $9.99 

c604 Cover Australia FDC 1946 $4.00 

c605 Cover Austria Mozart FIVE Different Commemorative $4.00 


c607 Cover Binghamton New York Scout Expo 1955 $4.00 




c611 Cover Brazil Covers TWENTY-FOUR Different $9.99 

c612 Cover Canada Royal Train 1939 Cover $4.00 

c613 Cover Chicago Largest Post Office 1933 Dedication $4.00 


c615 Cover CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR Keep 2 Sell 2 $4.00 


c617 Cover  CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR Same $4.00 

c618 Cover  CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR $4.00 

c619 Cover   CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR $4.00 

c620 Cover   CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR Keep 2 Sell 2 $4.00 

c621 Cover   CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR $4.00 

c622 Cover   CIPEX 1947 FDC FOUR $4.00 

c623 Cover   CIPEX 1947 FDC FIVE $4.00 



c626 Cover Colorado Silk Cachet FDC TWELVE $4.00 

c627 Cover Cook Islands 1978 Sheet FDC $4.00 

c628 Cover Corregidor WWII FDC 1944 $4.00 

c629 Cover Dattelin Germany Maximum Cards NINE $9.99




c633 Cover First Flight Lufthansa Tokyo/Frankfurt 1978 $4.00 

c634 Cover Lufthansa First Flight Lima/Bogata/Caracas $4.00

c635 Cover First Jet Flight US/Vancouver 1979 $4.00 

c636 Cover First Air Mail Flight Chicago/Rome Italy $9.99 

c637 Cover Falkland Islands FIVE Different $4.00 

c638 Cover FDC Mixture THIRTY Different See Picture $9.99 

c639 Cover USA Aerogramme FDC NINE $4.00 


c641 Cover Versailles France Stampless 1828 $9.99 


c643 Cover Germany Fussball 1982 Sonderpostlarte TWO $4.00 

c644 Cover Germany THIRTY-THREE $9.99 

c645 Cover Germany Cover Mixture NINE $9.99 


c647 Cover Gorch Fock FIVE Colorful Germany $9.99

c648 Cover Grevenbroick 1868 German State $4.00 

c649 Cover Haverhill MA Advertising Cover 1898 $8.00 

c650 Cover Iceland Commercial Registered Air Mail $4.00 


c652 Cover Ireland Censored Cover 1940 to USA $4.00 

c653 Cover Ireland Censored Cover 1945 5 June $9.99 

c654 Cover Isle of Man US Bicentennial $4.00 



c657 Cover John Kennedy Covers TWO $4.00 


c659 Cover Latin American Covers EIGHTEEN $4.00 


c661 Cover Lichtenstein Maximum Card 1987 $4.00 

c662 Cover Joseph Lister 1865-1965 EIGHTEEN All Same $9.99 


c664 Cover Mississippi Territory 1798-1948 Ken Boll $4.00 

c665 Cover Monaco FDC NINETEEN $4.00 


c667 Cover Nurse Clara Barton Red Cross 1966 Envelope $4.00 

c668 Cover Newfoundland 1939 $4.00 

c669 Cover Octava Chanute Colorano Silk Cachet TWO $9.99 

c670 Cover Oregon Territory FDC 1848-1948 Ken Boll $4.00 


c672 Cover Philippines Mac Arthur FDC 1944 Staehle $4.00 

c673 Cover Poland TWO 1960 XVII Olympics $4.00 

c674 Cover Portland Oregon Fleet Week 1936 USS Chester $4.00 

c675 Cover Pulitzer 100th Anniversary 1847-1947 Boll $4.00 

c676 Cover Advertising Envelope San Francisco $4.00 

c677 Cover Germany Segelflug 1980 FOUR $9.99 

c678 Cover South Africa Censored 1942 $9.99 

c679 Cover Space Must See SIXTEEN $9.99 







c686 Cover Steinbeck FDC Colorano Silk 1979 $4.00 


c688 Cover Swedish Pioneers 100th Anniversary FDC 1948 $4.00 

c689 Cover Switzerland TWELVE Different FDC $9.99 

c690 Cover Switzerland EIGHT FDC $4.00 

c691 Cover Switzerland TWELVE Different FDC $4.00 

c692 Cover Switzerland TWELVE FDC Different $9.99 

c693 Cover Switzerland TWELVE Different FDC $9.99 


c695 Cover Stampless Troy New York 1837 Joseph Stow $9.99 

c696 Cover UK Aerogramme GB YWO $4.00 

c697 Cover USS Reid Launching 1936 $4.00 

c698 Cover Viet Nam TWO $4.00 

c699 Cover Washington Lee University Cachet Boll Staehl $9.99 

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