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Hundreds  of philatelic covers for collectors are for sale here. Images are provided for all covers. Sold item are removed from the image inventory when purchased. If an item is not available, an immediate refund is made. Most cover lots are less than $10 each. 

PayPal is the best payment method to insure prompt delivery and prompt refund if necessary.

Shipping is $2 for each item to any address worldwide. How's that for a change. No rip offs on shipping here.

You may browse the items for sale by going to each stock book of listings. You will find an image, title, and price for each accumulation.

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This website is set up like stock books. Just kick back and look over what you find in each group of 100. Keep notes of the one you like. Consider adding a bookmark to your desktop so you can visit these pages from time to time. Having these covers to look at is kind of like going to a stamp show when ever you want to go.

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c500 Cover US USA Registered 1930 $4.00 

c501 Cover Airmail R.P.O. Pitts Van Wert Ohio $4.00 

c502 Cover USA Registered Cover 1935 17 cent Wilson $4.00 


c504 Cover Switzerland Souvenir Sheet FDC 1971 $9.99 

c505 Cover Older Covers California FIFTEEN $9.99 

c506 Cover Older Covers Connecticut FOUR $2.00 

c507 Cover Older Cover Deleware ONE $4.00 

c508 Cover Older Covers Florida TWO $2.00 


c510 Cover US Air MailFDC 1946 Addressed $4.00 

c511 Cover US Air Mail FDC 1946 $4.00 

c512 Cover Australia 1946 FDC $4.00 

c513 Cover FDC Airmail EIGHT $9.99 


c515 Cover US FDC Gold Replica Covers FIFTEEN Different $9.99 


c517 Cover Joseph Lister TEN All The Same FDC 1965 $4.00 

c518 Cover Lacemaking Gold Replica FDC FOUR $4.00 

c519 Cover First Flight Detroit/Frankfurt LA/Tahiti $9.99 

c520 Cover Older USA Covers TEN $9.99 

c521 Cover Older Mixture USA US ELEVEN $5.00 

c522 Cover US Scott #207 Zanesville Ohio 1881 $4.00 

c523 Cover US Scott #184 Sacramento California 1880 $4.00 


c525 Cover US Scott #114 Logansport Indiana ca.1869 $9.99 

c526 Cover US Scott #156 St. Louis Missouri 1870's $6.00 


c528 Cover US Scott #114 Buchanan Michigan 1870 $6.00 

c529 Cover US Scott #114 Bridgewater Massachusetts 1870 $6.00 



c532 Cover US Scott #U119 Cincinnati Ohio $4.00 

c533 Cover US Scott #U311 Cleveland Ohio 1891 $4.00 

c534 Cover US Scott #U114 Cincinnati Ohio 1881 $4.00 

c535 Cover US Scott #143 Columbus Ohip $4.00 

c536 Cover US Scott #U114 Des Moines Iowa $4.00 

c537 Cover US Scott #207 Cleveland Ohio 1883 w/letter $4.00 

c538 Cover US Scott #184 Racine Wisconsin 1881 $4.00 

c539 Cover US Scott #184 Waynesville 1881 $4.00 

c540 Cover US Scott #184 New Carlisle Ohio 1881 $4.00 

c541 Cover US Scott #184 Columbus Ohio 1880 $4.00 

c542 Cover US Scott #184 Cincinnati Ohio $4.00 

c543 Cover US Scott #184 Columbus Ohio $4.00 

c544 Cover US Scott #184 Cincinnati Ohio $4.00 

c545 Cover US Scott #182 Cincinnati Ohio 1880's $4.00 

c546 Cover US Scott #184 Cincinnati Ohio $4.00 

c547 Cover US Scott #182 Blue Brush Cancel $4.00 

c548 Cover US Scott #182 Cincinnati Ohio 1881 $4.00 

c549 Cover US Scott #182 Blue Brush Cabcel ca.1881 $4.00 

c550 Cover US Scott #182 Cincinnati Ohio ca. 1880 $4.00 

c551 Cover US Scott #158 Cadiz Ohio ca. 1880 $4.00 

c552 Cover US Scott #147 Washington CH Ohio ca. 1870 $8.00 

c553 Cover US Scott #158 Washington CH Ohio $4.00 

c554 Cover US Scott #158 Cincinnati Ohio ca. 1873 $4.00 


c556 Cover US Scott #114 Washington CH Ohio 1869 letter $6.00 

c557 Cover US Scott #114 Cincinnati Ohio $6.00 

c558 Cover US Scott #114 Hira Ohio 1869 letter $6.00 

c559 Cover US Scott #114 Washington CH Ohio ca. 1869 $6.00 

c560 Cover US Scott #207 Jamestown New York $4.00 

c561 Cover US Scott #184 Utica New York Due 3 cents $4.00 

c562  Cover US Railroad FDC Block Cachet 1944 $4.00 


c564 Cover US California Centennial 1959 Boll Fluegel $4.00 


c566 Cover US California Statehood 1948 1950 Boll $9.99 


c568 Cover US Confederate Veterans Cachet 1951 $4.00 


c570 Cover US Reading Massachusetts Air Mail Week 1938 $9.99 

c571 Cover US Philadelphia First Flight 1931 $4.00 

c572 Cover US First Night Flight LA NY 1931 $9.99 

c573 Cover US First Night Flight Kansas City 1931 $9.99 

c574 Cover US First Flight Ripley West Virginia 1943 $4.00 

c575 Cover US First Flight CAM32 1929 Oregon Cachet $6.00 


c577 Cover US First Flight Cleveland Louisville 1929 $24.99 

c578 Cover US Native American Indian Art Cachet EIGHT $9.99 

c579 Cover US FDC UP Congress Stamp Expo THREE $4.00 

c580 Cover US Postal Service Bicentennial 1975 $6.00 

c581 Cover US Mixture TWENTY See Picture $9.99 

c582 Cover Bulgaria Older Covers SEVEN $9.99 


c584 Cover Bulgaria Censored Geoffnet Swastica Seal '42 $6.00 



c587 Cover Lichtenstein TWENTY  Lot #1 of 4 $24.99 

c588 Cover Lichtenstein TWENTY  Lot #2 of 4 $24.99 

c589 Cover Lichtenstein TWENTY  Lot #3 of 4 $24.99 

c590 Cover Lichtenstein SIXTEEN  Lot #4 of 4 $9.99 


c592 Cover China Mixture of Covers TEN $9.99 

c593 Cover PRC China Germany Reused Envelope $6.00 

c594 Cover China Mixed FDC Postal Covers FIFTEEN $9.99 

c595 Cover US Older Covers ca. 1878 FIFTEEN $9.99 

c596 Cover First Flight FIVE Covers $9.99 

c597 Cover US Helicopter Air Mail Chicago NY 1949 1952 $9.99 

c598 Cover Jimmy Doolittle Airmail St. Charles Mo. 1932 $24.99 

c599 Cover US First Flight NY to Basra Iraq 1949 $9.99 

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