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Hundreds  of philatelic covers for collectors are for sale here. Images are provided for all covers. Sold item are removed from the image inventory when purchased. If an item is not available, an immediate refund is made. Most stamp cover lots are less than $10 each. 

PayPal is the best payment method to insure prompt delivery and prompt refund if necessary.

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c202 Cover USA Pittsburgh to Salem Co. New Jersey 1852 $9.99 

c203 Cover USA Dalles Oregon to Pennsylvania 1887 $9.99 

c204 Cover USA Northuxbridge MA to Sweden 1902 $5.00 

c205 Cover USA Airmail NY to Sweden 1940 $5.00 

c206 Cover USA Airmail NY to Sweden 1945 10 cent Prexys $5.00 

c207 Cover Saxony Germany Early.  With letter included $9.99 

c208 Cover Switzerland Romanshorn 1865 Financial Doc. $9.99 

c209 Cover France 1865 Tonnay-Charente w/letter $9.99 

c210 Cover Switzerland Basel Burgdorf 1868 Empty $5.00 

c211 Cover USA Hand Drawn Arm Wrestler to Sweden $5.00 

c212 Cover Switzerland Gossau Bern 1881 Envelope empty $5.00 

c213 Cover USA Swedish Pioneers First Day Cover $2.50 

c214 Cover Switzerland to Sweden Envelope empty $5.00 

c215 Cover Switzerland to Chicago 1899 Envelope empty $9.99 


c217 Cover Switzerland Silverplana to Berlin Germany $2.00 



c220 Cover USA Printing Press First Day Cover 1939 FDC $5.00 


c222 Cover USA Swedes and Finns FDC 1938 Block of 6 $5.00 



c225 Cover Sachsen Germany Leipzig Meerane 1861 letter $9.99 

c226 Cover Nurenberg Germany to Hersbruck 1909 Envelope $2.00 

c227 Cover Nurenberg Germany to Hersbruck 1909 Envelope $2.00 

c228 Cover Sachsen Germany Leipzig to Meerane 1862 $9.99 


c230 Cover Basel Switzerland 1880 Envelope empty $9.99 

c231 Cover Switzerland Cully to St. Gallen 1902 $2.00 

c232 Cover Switzerland Lugano to Lucerne 1865 $9.99 

c233 Cover Switzerland Romont Chaux defonds 1866 $9.99 

c234 Cover Switzerland Zurich 1863 Folded Letter $9.99 

c235 Cover Switzerland St. Imier Folder wrapper $5.00 

c236 Cover Freiberg Germany Nurenberg 1919 Empty $2.00 

c237 Cover Switzerland Postal History $5.00 

c238 Cover France 1868 Ship Agent Folded letter $9.99 


c240 Cover France Bordeau 1863 Folded letter $9.99 

c241 Cover France Tonnay Charente 1863 $9.99 

c242 Cover France Tonnay Charente 1871 $9.99 

c243 Cover France Bordeaux 1865 $9.99 

c244 Cover France Tonnay Charente 1863 $9.99 

c245 Cover France Marseille 1865 $9.99

c246 Cover France Hotel Bills TWENTY Pages 1877 $9.99 


c248 Cover Lehaye Gouoverneaux van Zind 1814 Wrapper $9.99 

c249 Cover Stampless Trenton New Jersey 1823 Letter $9.99 

c250 Cover Newark New Jersey ?1847? $9.99 


c252 Cover France Havre 1828 Folder Lettersheet $9.99 

c253 Cover France Meaux Havre 1830 Lettersheet $9.99 

c254 Cover France Bordeau an Havre 1830 Lettersheet $9.99 

c255 Cover Versailles Havre ?1831? Lettersheet $9.99 



c258 Cover Stampless Albany NY to Rochester 1848 $9.99 


c260 Cover Stampless Worcester MA Vermont 1836 $9.99 

c261 Cover Early cover NY Ohio Postal History no stamp $2.00 



c264 Cover Stampless Boston Rochester Invoice 1846 $9.99 

c265 Cover Trenton $9.99 



c268 Cover Stampless Albany to Rochester NY 1848 $9.99 

c269 Cover Stampless Boston Rochester 1846 $9.99 


c271 Cover Stampless New York Rochester 1846 $9.99 



c274 Cover France Letterhead Invoice 1877 $2.00 

c275 Cover USA FDC Swedes Finns 1938 addressed Block $2.00 


c277 Cover Switzerland Stamped Envelope Empty 1873 $2.00 

c278 Cover Switzerland Stamped Envelope Empty 1880 $2.00 

c279 Cover Switzerland Stamped Envelope Empty 1880 $2.00 

c280 Cover Switzerland Folded Lettersheet 1864 $9.99 








c288 Cover Switzerland Stamped Envelope Empty 1880 $2.00 


c290 Cover Switzerland Wrapper Geneve to Germany  1902 $2.00 

c291 Cover USA Glacier Park 1935 Imperf Cachet $2.00 

c292 Cover Greenland FDC 1977 $2.00 

c293 Cover USA Older Kosciuszko 1933 $0.99 

c294 Cover USA Penny Postal Cards MINT FIFTY $5.00 

c295 Cover USA Postal Cards 2-3 cents MINT FIFTY $5.00 


c297 Cover USA Postal Cards Mixture 1-19 cents MINT 30 $5.00 

c298 Cover USA Postal Cards USED Mixture FIFTY $5.00 


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